Rape of a minor girl

Meerut woman found in canal with bleeding face and throat

A woman from Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut in her early 20s was found bleeding in a canal on Monday evening with her throat and face slashed with a very heavy weapon.

The most shocking thing was that instead of rushing the girl to the hospital, people started filming the incident on their mobile phones. Even in such circumstances, they started asking her questions while waiting for the police to arrive. However, when the police reached the spot, the girl was fortunately already at the hospital. Presently, she in a stable condition.

Woman attacked, left bleeding – attackers include brother

The women complained that two men attacked her. Apparently, it was because her family was completely against her decision to marry someone she was dating.

According to the Meerut police, two men – including the victim’s brother – are under arrest based on the statement given to the magistrate. The police said the other accused is also a relative of the girl.

As soon as the details emerged in media reports, the UP police were quick to put out an appeal and urged people to take immediate action after seeing the victim of the assault rather than filming videos.

β€œThe time between someone getting injured and that person being taken to the hospital is called β€˜golden hour’. It’s a crucial time. The supreme court has ruled that anyone who takes such a to the hospital will not be questioned. So, I appeal to everyone, instead of making videos please take such a person to the hospital -please do not wait for the police to arrive”, said senior police officer person Avinash Pandey as reported by NDTV.

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