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Mother throws newborn baby from third floor after issues with husband

A 27-year-old woman threw her newborn baby from the third floor of a building after a long period of marital issues and alleged harassment.
Red splash representing blood - a mother threw her newborn baby from the third floor
Image source: Sabrang India

A 27-year-old woman threw her newborn baby from the third floor of a building after a long period of marital issues. The child passed away on the spot. The incident happened on November 13 in Telangana.

The woman, Lavanya, was 27 years old. She married Nuti Venu Gopal, a software professional, in 2016. The couple apparently started fighting over small issues due to which the family’s elder tried to counsel them. The next year, Lavanya gave birth to a boy after which she stayed at her parents’ house in Fateh Nagar. However, she reportedly did not really want to return to her husband who lived in Quthbullapur.

Family alleges husband harassed woman – woman kills newborn baby two weeks later

This year, she was pregnant again. For the last six months, she stayed at her parents’ house. On October 29, she tried to die by suicide by consuming rat poison. Her family took her to a private hospital in Sanath Nagar: she survived and gave birth the next day to a healthy child. After that, the family filed a case against Gopal for harassment at the Sanath Nagar police station. Thereafter, the police booked him for domestic violence and abetment to suicide.

Now, barely two weeks later, Lavanya, the woman, threw her baby from the third floor of her parents’ house. The child passed away, and police booked her under Section 302 (murder). Police will arrest her after she recovers.

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