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Woman arrested for performing abortions illegally

Police arrested a woman for performing abortions illegally after a teen began suffering from complications after an abortion.
Representative image - woman arrested for performing abortions illegally had minimal equipment
(Representative image)
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Police arrested Rajalakshmi, a 45-year-old woman, for performing abortions illegally in Tiruchi, Tamil Nadu. They caught her when a teen began suffering from complications after an abortion.

Studied till class 10, worked as gynaecologist’s assistant for 10 years

Rajalakshmi studied only up to class 10, and then worked as an assistant to a gynecologist for ten years. Therefore, she did not actually have any qualification to start her own clinic. However, after the gynecologist she was working with went to another country, Rajalakshmi decided to start her own clinic.

She started her clinic in Manachanallur, but reportedly changed her location every few months. As she was not qualified, she only had a few instruments, some injections and gloves to work with in a 10X10 room. So far, it seems that she has worked alone.

Woman arrested after illegally performed abortion goes wrong

Recently, a 19-year-old required an abortion and decided to come to her. However, after the operation, the girl continued bleeding without a break. Thereafter, she went to the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital. Doctors then noted that the abortion, performed improperly, resulted in the severe bleeding. They were forced to remove the teen’s uterus.

After that, Dr Lakshmi, JDHS (Joint Director of Health Services) began a probe into the case. As they could not get enough information from the teen, a woman pretended to be a patient in need of an abortion and found her.

Jeeyapuram police arrested the woman for performing the abortions illegally and are still investigating the case.

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