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Fire erupts at warehouse at Beirut Port

A fire erupted at a warehouse storing oils and tyres in Beirut, Lebanon, causing thick black smoke to rise. Citizens are panicked.
Fire after explosion at Beirut
Image source: Twitter

A fire erupted at a warehouse storing oils and tyres in Beirut, Lebanon, causing thick black smoke to rise. Immediately, panic spread amongst the citizens. Just last month, a massive explosion resulted in the death of nearly 200 people. Now, they are dealing with yet another fire. Workers were apparently still trying to clear the debris from the last explosion.

Beirut faces one explosion and fire after another

The explosion last month killed 200, and left thousands homeless. The firefighters who initially went in also died. People protested against the government until it stepped down. In the beginning of the month, the army found 4.35 tons of ammonium nitrate at the port which they destroyed. Then, on September 8, yet another small fire had to be extinguished.

A witness also saw the people running away from the fire, and cars driving backwards to leave the area.

Firefighters went in, again without knowing what would really happen. However, Lieutenant Michel Murr, supervising the firefighters, said that they β€˜did not go in blind’. So far, they are unable to understand what really caused the fire at the Beirut warehouse, but it does not seem to be explosive material. Therefore, Murr confirmed that they were trying to be extremely careful. Army helicopters also arrived to help the firefighters contain the fire. So far, there are no injuries.

Exhaustion drains the people of Lebanon

Meanwhile, the people of Lebanon are exhausted, both physically and mentally. Despite their strong efforts, they are dealing with another tragedy before recovering from the last one.

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