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This Festive Season is the Perfect Time to Grow on Social Media

Everyone wants to grow on social media, it’s the new and hot career of the decade. But not everyone knows how, as it”s almost completely unpredictable and relies a bit on just plain luck as well. But just because it is unpredictable, doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to turn the odds in your favor. You just have to know how to play the algorithm, and know when to post and engage. And if you don’t, we are here to help. This festive season is the perfect time to grow on social media, and here’s why.

A Wide Array of Topics

One thing the festive season brings with it is the wide variety of topics for you to make content on. Be it Diwali sales, outfits, rangolis, Diwali hacks, festive recipes or even Diwali party vlogs. You can choose whatever your niche is and go to town on it. Here’s a reel on how to make Chakli for Diwali:

Larger Audience

Not only do you get a larger variety of topics, you also get a larger audience as more and more people are looking for inspiration and help when it comes to outfits, recipes or decoration. You can hack that audience by making content on such topics that is easy to understand and achieve. Here’s a reel for an easy rangoli design:

Festive Aesthetics

‘Aesthetics’ are all the rage right now, and who doesn’t love festive aesthetics. This is a good time to employ your creativity and work on the background and overall aesthetics of your posts as those will help you achieve those numbers you want. Diwali is the festival of lights, so use fairly lights along with garlands for the background, and use festive colors. Here’s a reel with a festive background:

The Deals

This is the best time to up your tech that you use to shoot content as there are tons of offers and deals during the festive season. Not only this, you can review this new tech on your social media as well. And obviously you can make content informing your followers of deals and offers that are going on, not only for tech but all kinds of stuff like clothes and home decor. In addition to this, if you own a small business, you can keep a Diwali sale or giveaway which is a sure shot way of getting you traction. Here’s a giveaway, you cannot only participate in but also learn from:

These aren’t guaranteed ways to grow on social media, but they will certainly help, along with other things such as being quick and consistent in posting. So, Get, Set, Diwali!

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