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TikTok files lawsuit against Trump administration to stop app ban

TikTok and its parent company are filing a lawsuit against the Trump administration to stop them from banning the app from the US as they say it was for political reasons, not national security.
TikTok, to be banned from Sunday, files case against Trump administration
Image source: The Independent

TikTok and its parent company are filing a lawsuit against the Trump administration to stop them from banning the app from the US. According to TikTok, the ban was for political reasons rather than for national security. The company filed the complaint challenging Trump’s executive orders, in a Washington federal court late night on September 18.

US President Trump is trying to strengthen his campaign against China in order to win the November election. In fact, the β€˜Clean Network’ guidance by State Secretary Pompeo aims at banning as many Chinese apps as possible. TikTok and WeChat were thus going to face a ban from September 20, but TikTok now filed lawsuit against the Trump government to fight it.

TikTok ban upsets American users – TikTok, ByteDance file lawsuit

However, apart from the loyal Trump supporters, it seems to be upsetting a large number of TikTok users in the US and around the world. Earlier, Trump stated that if ByteDance did not pay the US to secure government approval of a sale of its US operation, he would ban TikTok. He later admitted it was unlawful. In fact, the complaint also states the US Commerce Department was ignoring evidence of TikTok ensuring the privacy and security of data.

ByteDance and TikTok tried to provide alternatives, such as moving global headquarters to the US. All of it presently seems quite uncertain, especially after Trump signed the executive orders to β€˜mandate the destruction of TikTok’. Moreover, in the complaint, TikTok talked strongly of how banning the app will ruin an online community of millions of Americans who found space on the platform to express themselves. It furthermore violates the First Amendment of right to free speech.

James Dempsey,Β  executive director of the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology at the University of California at Berkeley, believes this will be an uphill fight.

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