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The Art of Unlearning

The human brain starts to develop at the age of 5 weeks in the womb, and till the day you die it keeps on learning – storing all the information present in its surroundings. These learning are not just academic, they are the smallest of details, gestures or body language our brain consciously or unconsciously picks off to shape us into the individuals we are today and also what we are going to be tomorrow. 

Don’t you think that this everlasting appetite to learn about anything and everything has led humans to their emotional and mental demise, also the toxic traits of assumptions and perfection? Since the day humans walked on Earth, this is the first time we have finally addressed the importance of unlearning.

Unlearning is the conscious effort we all need to make, to break off the shackles of generational traumatic learning and embrace things, people, and emotions the way they are. Unlearning the mainstream happiness and success graph to learn your own form of happiness or re-learn your success, unlearn to be too positive but learn to fully live and heal through the grief or negativity, unlearn the tough love to love them the way they deserve, unlearn the traditional parenting to parent your child their own unique way and unlearn productivity to learn the feeling of nothingness.

We humans have lost and found a lot of key pieces over the course of evolution, but I hope we all find our ways to unlearn not just to be at peace with ourselves today but also to let the future be a free spirit.

                                       “Learn to Unlearn” 

     -Benjamin Disraeli

Harivanshika Aggarwal
Harivanshika Aggarwal
Hello everyone Harivanshika is an everyday voice, trying to explain the world and its rules in her own words. Juggling work and studies, she brings you all her versions of life, science, and social issues to make you think about the smallest details of life and the world we live in.
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