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Terrorists and Muslims are not Synonymous

When you hear the word terrorism what is the next thing or word that comes to your mind? Let me guess Muslim? Or Islam? But have you given it a thought, why is that? Why do we associate terrorism with Islam and not any other religion? Why terrorism is seen as a religious nuisance and not a violation of humanity, by an everyday person like most of us?

A kid carrying a banner says “Terrorism knows no religion”

Oxford says “Terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims”. Where in this entire definition did you find the words “Muslim” or “Islam”? Nowhere but still we associate and assume both of them to be overlapping. 

The main reasons behind all of this, are the misconceptions and myths we have been fed all our lives. By the media, politicians, society, and religious leaders. No religion preaches or asks us to kill others, nothing is written in the Quran, Geeta, or Guru Granth Sahib that will compel any of us to do the heinous crimes or the levels of brutality terrorists go to.

Once there was a broadcast on TV talking about how 4 boys from India have left their families to join ISIS, one of them was Muslim, and the other three were Hindu. And I clearly remember the words one of my family members said back then “Ek musalman teen Hindu Bacho Koh brainwash karke le gya”, the surprising part is the Muslim boy was 17 yrs old and the other three were 18+. So now I want to ask what if the Hindu boys brainwashed the Muslim boy? What if all of them made their own choices? We don’t have answers to these what-ifs but why is it that we point a finger at the Muslims?

These fingers of acquisition or the eye of suspicion we keep on Muslims is not the right thing. Just because of some we have defamed the entire community. The illiterate, hypocrites, and crime geniuses use god’s name to validate themselves and create the feeling of hatred among the people, and then all of us – the literates or the open-minded generation get tricked by them. 

Don’t you think it’s high time we let go of these old perceptions and let the dawn of peace fall!!

Terrorism has nothing to do with religion, Islam or otherwise. Terrorism is born of fundamentalism, not of religion”

                                                                 ~Abhijit Naskar

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Harivanshika Aggarwal
Harivanshika Aggarwal
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