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Foetus found dead – teen accuses father and boyfriend of rape, unwanted pregnancy

Cops traced a dead foetus, to a 17-year-old girl who accused her father and boyfriend of raping her many times.
Police found a dead foetus on the roadside in Thane - the teen who aborted it accused her boyfriend and father
Police found a dead foetus on the roadside in Thane – the teen who aborted it accused her boyfriend and father
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The father and the boyfriend of a 17-year-old girl raped her multiple times after which she became pregnant. As she did not want to give birth, she had an abortion – police in fact found the dead foetus on the roadside.

The girl and her family earlier lived at Panvel, in Navi Mumbai. Her 51-year-old father was a school teacher. During that time, she began dating their 21-year-old neighbour. However, the family did not want them to do so. They thus moved to Vasind to cut their connections off. Despite that, the couple still met up with each other.

Boyfriend, father arrested for rape – police find dead foetus

Recently, the boyfriend and her father raped her many times. She became pregnant and decided to abort the foetus. Police found the dead in Vasind on a roadside three days ago and investigated the case until they found her. Afterwards, she explained what had happened. On October 12, police arrested the boyfriend and the father, filing cases under section 376 of the IPC for the rape of the girl. They also added sections of the POCSO Act as the girl was still a minor. DNA tests are to confirm the biological father of the baby.

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