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Tantrik arrested for rape and impregnation of two sisters

Maharashtra police arrested a tantrik who confessed to the repeated rape of two sisters, both of whom are now pregnant. One of them is a minor.
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Navsari police arrested a tantrik who confessed to the repeated rape of two sisters, both of whom are now pregnant. One of the tantrik’s aides even kidnapped the minor sister after her father denied the tantrik’s request to bring her to his home again.

Sisters raped after tantrik lies about ‘rituals’

The incident began in July 2020 in Maharashtra. The tantrik’s had two aides, one of whom introduced the tantrik to a father of two daughters. The father, a resident of Navsari, Gujarat, informed the tantrik that his 23-year-old daughter was facing issues with her in-laws. Then, the tantrik asked the father to permit his daughter to stay at his house for a few days for some rituals. However, the daughter expressed her wish to return home after a few days so her father picked her up.

Then, the tantrik requested the father to send his 17-year-old daughter next. He also asked for Rs.50,000 from the father, who obliged for both requests. The daughter reached the house of the tantrik in October. Like the older daughter, she too asked the father to take her home soon. Afterwards, the daughters told their father that the tantrik raped them multiple times.

Father refuses to send daughter, tantrik kidnaps her

When the tantrik called the father again asking to send his younger daughter, supposedly for more rituals, the father refused. Then, on October 30, the tantrik and his two aides kidnapped her. When the father informed the police, they managed to arrest him on November 3.

The older daughter thereafter filed a complaint of rape against the three accused, under relevant sections of the IPC and the POSCO act. Following that, the three accused came to a district court in Navsari after which the tantrik remained in police custody for four days. The two aides directly went to judicial custody. The tantrik too was in judicial custody at Navsari sub-jail once the remand ended.

Tantrik paid poor people to get customers

Navsari police circle inspector MB Rathod reported that the tantrik often gave money to poor people, asking them to bring customers with issues. The officers also seized the car and moped that were used to kidnap the minor daughter.

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