Hindutva mob demands apology from Tanishq store to Hindu society for ad

A Hindutva mob barged into a Tanishq store, verbally abused employees and stuck an apology note (written as Tanishq's) for their ad.
An apology written by the mob for Tanishq to stick in order for the store to 'apologise' for the 'shameful' ad
An apology written by the mob for Tanishq to stick in order for the store to ‘apologise’ for the ‘shameful’ ad
Image source: The Indian Express

A Hindutva mob walked into a Tanishq showroom forcefully, verbally abused employees and then stuck an apology note they wrote which stated that Tanishq was apologising to the Hindu society for the ad featuring a Hindu-Muslim couple.

Tanishq faces backlash for ad

Recently, Tanishq released an ad where a Muslim family held a baby shower as per Hindu traditions as the Muslim father of the child was married to a Hindu woman. Tanishq wished to portray unity between people from different communities under the Ekatvam campaign. Unfortunately, the ad brought out mostly hatred and bigotry. After #BoycottTanishq trended on Twitter for a day, Tanishq and TATA withdrew the ad completely. However, they did not apologise.

Mob demands apology from Tanishq

On October 14, a mob of around 120 Hindus – alleged Hindutva supporters – entered a Tanishq showroom in Gandhidham, Kutch, Gujarat, asking for an apology. They also verbally abused staff and said that they would not β€˜tolerate’ such advertisements. Even though the staff was Hindu as well, they continued to stay there. Then, they stuck an apology note on the store, written on behalf of Tanishq itself.

The note said that the store was apologising to the Samagra Kutch Jilla Hindu Samaj for the β€˜shameful’ ad. Some mob members also took pictures of the note with themselves, and left afterwards. An employee of the showroom reported it to The Indian Express but also said that they have not reported it to the police yet. This was because they wished for no controversy or fights, especially as the business is already suffering from the backlash.

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