Student gang-raped, murdered in Bengal; protesters set vehicles on fire

Protesters set vehicles on fire after a school girl was allegedly gang-raped and murdered
Protesters set vehicles on fire after the alleged gang-raped and murder of a school girl

After a student was allegedly gang-raped and murdered, people protested on the Bengal National Highway 31.

According to her sister, the student recently passed her Class 10 board exams. Last night, she went missing. After that, her family formed a search party to go look for her. Finally, they found her body under a tree.


Locals allege that people gang-raped and murdered the girl. Moreover, there were two bicycles and some mobile phones near the place where the family found the girl’s body.

Local demand justice for gang-raped student

Soon after that, protests started at Chopra, 500 km north of Kolkata. Then, people moved along the National Highway 31 that connects Kolkata to Siliguri. From 2 PM to 5 PM, people continued to protest to demand justice for the gang-raped student and set at least 3 buses and police vehicles on fire.

In fact, the area seemed to be in ruins in the afternoon on July 19.

For two hours, police attempted to disperse the protesters. However, they were much stronger and resisted greatly.

At the end of it, cops used lathis and tear gas to make the protesters leave.

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