7 teens rape 8 -year-old; 6 arrested – 2 positive for COVID-19

Eight-year-old girl raped after 7 boys invited her for hide-and-seek
Image source: Deccan Herald

Six teenagers are under arrest after they raped an eight-year-old girl – another boy is on the run. While the police sent four of the arrested to a juvenile home, they sent the other two to a hospital as they tested positive for COVID-19.

Boys invited the girl for hide-and-seek before they raped her

The incident took place in Tabaria, West Tripura on August 28. The girl is eight years old, and is presently in Grade 3. The seven boys are teenagers, except for two, who are around 12 years of age. They were the ones who also tested positive for COVID-19. The boys first invited the girl for a game of hide-and-seek. Since she already knew them, she decided to go ahead. Following that, they raped the eight-year-old girl. Fortunately, they left her after that and she went back home.

On her return, she told her parents about what happened to her. Then, her father lodged a complaint at the police station on August 29. Sub-divisional police officer of the New Capital Complex, Priya Madhuri Majumder, reported the case.

After the father lodged the complaint, the police arrested six of the seven boys. One of them, however, managed to escape. Hence, police are still searching for him.

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