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Cartoon character Shinchan Nohara tops B.Sc. Honours list – police begin probe

Shinchan Nohara, a cartoon character, was the topper of the B.Sc. Honours merit list at the Siliguri College, Bengal. Police started a probe.
Shinchan Nohara, the character whose name was on the merit list
Shinchan Nohara ‘topper’ of BSc (Honours) merit list at Siliguri College
Source: The Star

Shinchan Nohara, the character from the cartoon Shinchan, was the topper of the BSc (Honours) merit list at the Siliguri College, North Bengal. The college authorities removed it immediately after noticing it and put up another list on the college website.

The process of compiling the merit list was the responsibility of an agency that Siliguri College outsourced too. Candidates themselves fill online applications, of course, but the college authorities check the details before beginning classes. Hence, it is partly the college authorities’ fault for not noticing the name Shinchan Nohara earlier. The college did notice it quite soon after the release of the list, though, and removed the list itself to have one without the character’s name. Thereafter, they lodged a complaint with the cyber cell of the police.

Not the first incident

Strangely enough, this is not the first time such an incident has occurred. Earlier, the name of the singer Neha Kakkar was also in the BA English (Honours) merit list at the Manikchak College in Malda, and the name Sunny Leone appeared in lists of three colleges.

All four colleges have filed complaints with the police already.

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