Alleged rape, murder victim – no signs of sexual assault, say police; political tensions rise

Protesters set vehicles on fire,
demanding justice for the rape and murder of a 15-year-old female student

The alleged rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl triggered protests; however there seem to be no signs of assault. Moreover, police say that evidence suggests she ingested poison and did not suffer from injuries.

The rape victim was 15 years old and recently passed her board exams. One night, she went missing. Later, after her parents launched a search party, they found her under a banyan tree. Nearby, there were two bicycles, two umbrellas, an Aadhaar card, and a mobile phone.

What do locals and police say about the rape and murder of the student?

Locals alleged that the girl was a victim of gang-rape. Moreover, her sister suspects five Muslim men. Apparently, they were looking for her earlier. Therefore, she thinks they raped and murdered her.

Soon after that, protests broke out at Chopra and National Highway 31. In around two or three hours, people torched vehicles, resulting in the police using tear gas and lathis to control them. However, protesters stated that they will not stop protesting till the state catches and punishes the criminals. Dasapara Gram Sabha Samiti member, Asim Burman, hopes that the girl’s body, along with the other things found with her, can help the police.

However, police believe that the poison caused her death. Moreover, they claim that the post-mortem report shows no injury marks, or signs of sexual or physical assault.

Political tension rises

BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) leaders accused members of TMC (Trinamool Congress) of turning the state’s environment into one of horror. Surajit Sen, a BJP leader, believes the criminals deserve capital punishment.

Another BJP leader, an MP named Raju Bista, stated that illegal infiltration and crime rose greatly in Chopra, turning it from a peaceful region into a state where crime was commonplace. Furthermore, he criticised that the female CM did not help the high rates of crimes against women.

Moreover, he claims that TMB repeatedly ran its own rules in West Bengal instead of following the law. 

However, the West Bengal Tourism Minister Gautam Deb, also a TMC leader, informed that CM Mamata Banerjee instructed action. Therefore, the criminals will face their punishment. Furthermore, TMC members will meet the family soon.

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