Clashes with police leaves 9 dead in Colombia protest

Nine died in the protests erupted in Columbia, after police killed Javier Ordonez, a cab driver, with a taser even as he begged for release.
Columbia police chasing the protesters against police brutality
Colombia police chasing the protesters against police brutality

On Wednesday in Bogota, Colombia police clashed with protesters demanding justice for the death of Javier Ordonez, who police killed. Nine people aged between 17 and 27 years died during the protests, while hundreds suffered from injuries. The capital city of Bogota rose in fury, much like the citizens of USA have lately in response to police brutality.

Javier Ordonez, another life taken by police

Javier Ordonez, a cabdriver aged 46, died at the hands of police.

Ordonez was going to be a lawyer soon. That night, he was with his friends, and they went out to get alcohol after they ran out. Then, as they were returning, police stopped them. They supposedly broke social distancing rules. However, people are unsure about what made the cops pin Ordonez to the ground.

A footage showed how officers pinned him down in the street. He begged them to stop but they showed no mercy. They used a stun gun repeatedly to his hip. Juan David Uribe, his friend, came a short time later and urged the cops to take Ordonez to a hospital. Later, Ordonez passed away at a hospital.

After his death, Ordonez’s sister-in-law, Eliana Marcela, said that a person can handle a taser 3-4 times at most. However, the police tasered Ordonez 12 times.

Nine dead in protests, nearly 250 injured

Thousands of protesters crowded in the neighbourhood of Engativa where police arrested Ordonez. Marcela, Ordonoz’s sister-in-law, urged protesters to be peaceful in order to avoid further conflict and violence in the already violent country.

On Wedensday, a vigil turned into a violent protest. In response, the cops used tear gas and openly fired at them. BogotΓ‘ Mayor Claudia LΓ³pez confirmed that no one ordered the police to fire indiscriminately, but evidence suggests that they did so anyway.

The protest left 9 dead and 400 injured. 66 of them had gunshot wounds, and of the nine who passed away, 5 died after they were shot. Therefore, Defense Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo decided that anyone providing information about the shooters will receive an appropriate award. Over 100 cops also suffered from injuries. Moreover, 70 vehicles were damaged, including 9 buses that were set on fire.

Lastly, Defence Minister Trujillo reported that 1,600 extra police will be deployed to deal with the protests.

Police officials suspended pending investigation

Meanwhile, the two cops who killed Ordonez were suspended pending investigation. police arrested Ordonez as he was found drinking with friends without maintaing the rules of social distancing.

Ordonez’s family is heavily traumatized and wants justice for him.

Similar incidents happened months ago in the US with George Floyd and Jacob Blake where they both were killed by cops and it triggered nationwide protests. In fact, the protests continue even now. The death of Ordonez and the protests that followed are a sign of how common police brutality is.

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