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Perks of being an Introvert

Introverts are often considered unfriendly, shy and antisocial but in many cases being an introvert can be beneficial.

Introverts are people who get their energy from spending time alone. According to a study, introverts take a longer time to process information than extroverts. This is because they take extra time to understand ideas and process them.

While being an introvert sometimes can be intimidating you may feel intimidated by others’ sociable strengths, being an introvert has its benefits.

Some of them are listed below:

1) THEY THINK BEFORE THEY SPEAK: one of the most profound qualities found in introverts is that they only speak when required. They’re more comfortable listening to rather than speaking and since they take more time to process and reply they’re more likely to have an impact with their words.

2) THEY ARE ACTIVE LISTENERS: another quality that an introvert possess is their ability to listen! Active listening helps a person comprehend things better than the average mind. They accurately perceive things and make better judgements.

3) THEY ARE MORE OBSERVANT: introverts have this inbuilt ability to observe every little detail around them. Being quiet allows them to operate optimally since they’re less distracted and while others are busy speaking they’re taking notice of every little detail around them. This quality helps them in observing people’s temperaments which allows them to build better associations.

4) THEY RESPECT OTHERS: Since introverts are reserved personalities, they highly value others’ personal space. They don’t intrude on others’ privacy directly or indirectly. They treat people just the way they’d want to be treated. This quality makes them empathetic towards others which is highly appreciated in today’s world.

5) THEY ARE MORE INDEPENDENT: In today’s world being independent is all that we wish for! Being able to cater for our own needs without relying on others is indeed a wonderful feeling. Introverts have their circle small and they find solace in small things which makes them self-reliant. This quality makes them unique and gives them a more significant advantage in society.

Nousheen Saifi
Nousheen Saifi
Hi, I'm Nousheen. I'm 18 y/o and currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in biology. I'm an avid reader and my passion for reading and writing encouraged me to explore more in this area. I'm very much fascinated with beauty, lifestyle and health. I'm also a hard-core music lover and my dream is to travel around the world and explore as much as I can.
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