Orange outfits

Orange : the new color

Orange is the new “it” color and trend

An overview of orange becoming the new trend in fashion.
Source: Who What Wear

If you thought that orange is an exaggerated color too bright for the eyes, then think again. It is because orange is the new cool. It’s eye-catching and rich. Recently, celebs and fashionistas have been wearing orange quite a lot. This definitely tells us where the ball is rolling. So, if you are intrigued by this color and want to know more about the ways to wear it with perfection, then this post is for you.

Orange sarees

Bright orange saree with black blouse
Source : Kalaniketan

Orange sarees make you an absolute show-stopper. Couple these with contrasting blouses to make you stand out. You can go for banarasi, net, sambalpuri or pre-stitched sarees in orange.

Unique gowns

Gowns are nothing but bright and beautiful in an orange color. These can give you an iconic and dreamy look. You can go for maxi, midi, skater, or peplum gowns. You can wear it to parties and hangouts with your girl.

Monochrome suits

Gigi Hadid in bright monochrome orange clothes
Source: Insider

Who said that monochrome is boring? It isn’t. Just take some inspiration from international supermodel Gigi Hadid. You can also go for an orange shirt with orange pants and a coat. If you aren’t into experimenting and want to play it simple, then team an orange top with your jean or a basic top with orange jeans. Just make sure that you keep one element of the outfit orange.

Quirky skirts

Kendall Jenner in orange skirt
Source: Daily Mail

Skirts are beautiful and they become awesome when they come in orange. Supermodel Kendall Jenner shows you how. You can also go with an orange skirt with an orange top or a balancing top. You can go for miniskirt, midi skirt, long skirt or pencil skirt in orange.

So, if you want create a bang and a statement, then make sure that you are wearing orange. The color is more than enough to make you stand out as a fashion icon.

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