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Normalizing Monotony

The high of what is coming next never wears off or does it? Don’t you think the adrenaline rush just by the thought of the next job, trip or just day is the reason pulling all of us out of our beds? We are always taught to look for the next milestone or achievement and never be satisfied with the present scenario but, What if I am satisfied? What if I start liking the feeling of familiarity?

The classical definition of monotony is “lack of variety & interest or tedious repetition and routine”, I feel like the definition itself is biased. Monotony for sure is repetition and routine but the adjective tedious is highly subjective. Monotony is often considered synonymous with stagnant and definitely not something we fomophobic creatures can handle. Though fun fact: real spirit lies in standing still when the flow continues.

Nowadays everyone talks about new ideas, new startups, quitting their nine-to-five or their next milestone but there is someone among those who like their nine-to-five, like a constant income or just likes life the way it is, that someone is labelled to be playing safe. But why is being safe appear so unsafe to all of us? Why not have to worry about the next thing, that worries us? 

Neither change nor monotony is a boon or bane, they are just the way they are but we need to find the real blend of both for ourselves and let others find theirs.

“I always like to end my writing with a saying or proverb but the harsh truth lies in the fact that monotony was never considered positive or a tangible thing to talk about and it saddens me by the second that we can’t accept the stillness”.

Harivanshika Aggarwal
Harivanshika Aggarwal
Hello everyone Harivanshika is an everyday voice, trying to explain the world and its rules in her own words. Juggling work and studies, she brings you all her versions of life, science, and social issues to make you think about the smallest details of life and the world we live in.
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