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Haryana farmer turns off water cannon – faces attempt to murder charge

Young farmer and protester Navdeep Singh who stopped a water cannon at the Dilli Chalo protest, now faces the charge of an attempt to murder.
Navdeep Singh, the farmer and protester who turned off the water cannon, jumped onto another vehicle
Navdeep Singh, the farmer and protester who turned off the water cannon, jumped onto another vehicle
Image source: The Tribune India

A young farmer and protester, Navdeep Singh, climbed a police water cannon that sprayed water at the protesters during the Dilli Chalo protest and turned it off – only to now faces the charge of attempt to murder.

Punjab farmers are marching to Delhi to protest against the farm bills that the government passed a while ago. However, instead of facing the government itself, the farmers faced cops and blockades of barbed wires and barricades in Haryana. In fact, the cops went as far as digging in trenches 30 feet in the roads to stop them. This did not stop the farmers from crossing these barricades and finding alternate routes.

In Ambala, police used water cannons to stop the protesters. One such protesting farmer is 26-year-old Navdeep Singh, son of Jai Singh, a leader of a farmers’ body. Navdeep climbed the water cannon spraying the protesters, and managed to turn it off. He escaped before the police caught him.

Courage of farmers made me stop water cannon, says Navdeep

Prior to this, Navdeep said that he was a studious child who never partook in any similar activities. Now, the courage of the protesters made him feel determined to do his part. Hence, he did just that.

Unfortunately, Haryana police now charged him with an attempt to murder. Along with that, they have also charged him for rioting and breaking COVID-19 pandemic-related rules.

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