Former PM of Malaysia, Najib Razak, gets 12-year jail term in 1MDB corruption trial

Najib Razak, former President of Malaysia, is going to spend 12 years in jail for a 1MDB corruption trial
Najib Razak, former President of Malaysia

The Former President of Malaysia, Najib Razak has been sentenced to 12 years in jail in a court of Malaysia. The court found him guilty on all seven counts in the first of several multi-million dollar corruption trials.

The case against him is seen as a test of anti-corruption efforts of Malysia. However, Najib has pleaded not guilty on charges of criminal breach of trust, money laundering and abuse of power.

Najib’s UMNO party who ruled for 61 years after independence feels shocked with this news. In fact, there are chances that the party may fall. He was in office from 2008 – 2018.

He was sentenced to 12 years in prison for abuse of power, and 10 years in jail for each of six counts of money laundering and breach of trust. The judge, Mohamad Nazlan Mohamad Ghazali, told the Kuala Lumpur High Court that he proved the case without any doubt. However, Najib Razak is not satisfied with the results.

But the 1MDB scandal around state wealth fund in Malaysia has not covered corruption on global web.

Accusations on Najib Razak

When the former PM was in office, he was clear of all allegations by Malayasian authorities.

When Najib was the Prime Minister of Malaysia, 42 million ringgitΒ were transferred from the fund to his private accounts. Furthermore, he obtained 2.28 billion ringgit from 1MDB between 2011 and 2014 illegally.

Rosmah Monsar, his wife is also accused of tax evasion charges but is pleaded not guilty.

Najib’s reaction to the allegations

Najib denies all wrongdoing and says he was misled by financial advisers.

Also, Najib’s defence team argued that the Saudi royal family donated the funds in his accounts. He did not steal the money.

Although dissatisfied with the results, Najib believes it’s not the end of the world. Moreover, there is a process for an appeal. Hence, he think he may be successful in that aspect.

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