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Mutant coronavirus strain out of control – UK begins lockdown

England began a lockdown as the London government warned that a mutant coronavirus strain was spreading more quickly.
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England, UK, began a lockdown for a third of its population as the London government warned that a mutant coronavirus strain was spreading more quickly. Susan Hopkins of Public Health England confirmed that this virus may be 70% more transmissible. However, it is unclear as to whether it is more deadly. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that there is no proof of that, or that the vaccine will not work for it.

Lockdown after mutant coronavirus strain warning – Netherlands, Belgium ban flights to and from UK

The current tests for COVID-19 fortunately do detect this strain. At least 60 different local authorities in England noted that the cases happened due to the mutant coronavirus strain. Chief Medical Officer of England, Chris Whitty, suggested that this strain could be the reason for the sudden rise of COVID-19 cases in London and southern England. This is, however, unconfirmed. Health officials and scientists are studying if the mutations resulted in any changes in behaviour. While there is no need for the public to panic as of now, but they need to be careful as it is a serious situation. Hence, London and southern England are now facing yet another lockdown to avoid fast transmission.

Following the announcement and the lockdown, Netherlands and Belgium suspended all UK passenger flights. Italy’s ban is to start soon and Berlin too is considering doing the same.

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