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Mundane Monday or Fun Friday

Humans have always tried to define, label, and categorize things. The same goes with the weekdays which for every individual holds different meaning your friend might like the mundane Monday but you don’t, or Friday may be fun for you but not your friend who has an extra hectic schedule before the weekend. But the consensus says that most people don’t like “mundane Mondays” and enjoy “fun Fridays”.

Mundane Monday
Garfield said, “I hate Mondays, don’t you”?

Official Status of “Mundane Monday”

Recent news came from the Twitter handle of the Guinness World Records where Monday was declared as the worst day of the week. This tweet started a very interesting and hilarious conversation across the globe where people shared how they avoid Mondays or how they cope with all the boredom and inefficiency on Mondays.

Guinness World Record’s tweet stating “Monday is the worst day of the week”.

Continuing this thread has been the new trend on Twitter. This tweet has about 457.1K likes, has been retweeted 83.7K times, and has 10.7K quote tweets.

It is said that Mondays are hated because it is the first day after people have had a fun weekend. It becomes difficult for people to pull out of the relaxed mode and enter the hustle mode.

A study (https://business.lehigh.edu/blog/2019/how-monday-effect-hurts-supply-chain-performance) by Researcher – Oliver Yao and his colleagues from Lehigh University proves how “Monday Blues” or “Monday Effect” has a real scientific and psychological basis. And how it affects the efficiency and productivity of people.

Speculations of “Fun Friday”

After the conversation about Monday being the worst day started, there is now speculation about how Friday can be the best day of the week. Even Guinness World Record took upon its Twitter handle to support the theory of “Fun Friday”.

Guinness World Record’s tweet about how Friday can be the best day of the week.

This tweet has not been receiving much attention because people are dicey about the concept of “Fun Friday” as some have a working Saturday so their Friday is not exactly fun and others have a very hectic schedule on Friday. But there are some who have a fun Friday.

A tweet about how Friday is not fun for everyone.
Tweet supporting Friday as the best day of the week.

These all tweets and records are just a reflection of different perspectives and not exactly a norm any one of us has to perceive things. These records are just a way to present the opinion of the consensus and not every individual. Neither you nor I have to agree with these and all of the days or anything, in general, can have a completely different meaning for us.

Its a poster for an awesome Monday. Picture credit: dreamstime.com
Harivanshika Aggarwal
Harivanshika Aggarwal
Hello everyone Harivanshika is an everyday voice, trying to explain the world and its rules in her own words. Juggling work and studies, she brings you all her versions of life, science, and social issues to make you think about the smallest details of life and the world we live in.
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