What's new in menswear?

The new trends of menswear

Menswear: Innovative and new trends in 2020

An overview of the changing trends in menswear

As 2020 trends arrive, menswear is no more about black and white, or shirts and trousers. It has evolved quite a lot. From skirts to prints, it’s all about inclusion now. It is no more dull and dry. The tables have turned and the trend has changed drastically with innovation from around the world. So, if you are looking for something new, then this one is for you.

Entry of color

Shawn setting a trend for 2020 with a red suit
Source: US Magazine

Red, yellow, green, pink have become the talk of the town. Shawn Mendes successfully carries the red suit with panache and elegance. You can wear colors to a party or even to office (if you have the guts to do it).

Skirts are not just for girls

Ranveer flaunts skirts, making it an addition to menswear trends from now on
Source: idiva

No one can say skirts are meant for girls anymore. Men can wear them too. After all, attires have no gender. Skirts are flowy, comfy and fabulous. Ranveer Singh wears the skirt with style and sass. So, next time you step out of your house, make sure that you wear a comfy skirt with confidence and sass. Accolades are inevitable.

Bow power

Menswear trends making a comeback include bow-ties
Source: Ties.com

Bows and ties are no more old-fashioned. They are chic and still in use. But why restrict it to monochrome? Solid colors like blue and red can up your fashion quotient. You can wear it to your brother’s wedding reception or an official brunch.

Printed palettes

Prints are new and fabulous
Source: Pinterest

Prints are everywhere and menswear is no different. Be it kurtas, shirts or jackets, you can find an ample number of clothes with prints. This is the best era for those who love adventures or a little bit of drama. Do not wear a simple kurta for pujo this time. Add a splash of prints for fun.

Leather love

Leather jackets are evergreen
Source: indiamart

Leather never goes out of fashion. It was, it is and it will be in trend all the time. And leather jackets are here to stay. You can wear them to a friend’s house, on a date and even shopping. These are your best friends on a confused day. Wear a tee and team it up with your leather jacket. That’s it.

Fashion is ever-changing and evolving. Therefore, we need to keep ourselves on track every now and then. All these trends in menswear are going to rule 2020. So before it’s too late, add them to your wardrobe.

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