Karima Baloch Image source: The Economic Times

Karima Baloch, Pakistan Army critic and activist, found dead in Toronto

After going missing on December 21, Toronto authorities found the dead body of activist Karima Baloch on December 22.
Karima Baloch, a Baloch activist and Canadian refugee found dead in Toronto
Image source: Amar Ujala

After going missing on December 21, authorities found the dead body of Karima Baloch on December 22. She was an activist who advocated for gender equality, and spoke up against Pakistan’s army and government. She sought asylum in Canada as for several Baloch activists to avoid persecution.

Balochistan has been a province faced by brutal violence for several years now. The army of Pakistan often commits heinous crimes against the people. Military members sometimes barge into houses to attack innocent families. The people live under constant fear, but have revolted too for over 15 years. Activists and journalists often seek safety in other countries when it becomes too unsafe to live there. One such activist was Karima Baloch.

Karima Baloch – a daring activist who spoke up against Pakistan

Karima spoke up against Pakistan’s government quite often. In 2016, her work made BBC name her as one of the world’s 100 most influential women. She also spoke about Balochistan’s issues in a UN session in Switzerland. Then in 2019, she accused Pakistan of killing Balochistan’s people and taking away their resources.

On Sunday, December 20, she went missing in Toronto after last being seen at 3 PM. Following that, the police also asked the public to help find her. On December 22, her family confirmed that Karima Baloch was dead.

The death of journalist Sajid Hussain also popped up in several conversations as he too was a Baloch activist found dead, in Sweden, after going missing for some time. People expressed their anguish over social media as well, saying that people speaking up against Pakistan were not safe, regardless of where they lived.

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