Two, including influencer Kadi, accuse Justin Bieber of sexual assault

Danielle accuses Justin Bieber of sexual assault
Danielle accuses Justin Bieber of sexual assault

A woman named Danielle and Instagram influencer Kadi accused Justin Bieber of sexual assault. Although Bieber’s team denied allegations from Danielle, they are yet to respond to Kadi’s.

Danielle accuses Justin Bieber of sexual assault

After gaining some courage from Gabby speaking of her experience with Ansel Elgort, Danielle talked about her story on Twitter. Allegedly, Justin Bieber sexually assaulted her on March 9, 2014. At the time, Danielle was 21 and Bieber was 20 years old.

On March 9, 2014, Justin Bieber was at a concert in Houston, Texas, with Selena Gomez. The same night in Austin, Danielle and her friends were at an event featuring other singers at Scooter Braun, Austin. Bieber did a surprise performance. Towards the end, a man asked Danielle and her friends to stay after the show to meet Justin. Although it seemed β€˜sketchy’, they agreed. After taking photos and talking for 20 minutes, Justin and another man invited the girls to the Four Seasons Hotel. Again, they agreed.

At the hotel, Justin’s friend took Danielle’s friends to one room while Justin took Danielle to another. There, he told her that talking about the following events to anyone could land her in legal trouble. Following this, he asked her to charge her phone, and join him in bed. Initially, Danielle asked where Selena was, but Bieber kissed her. Slowly, it went further. Danielle says that she asked him to stop, that she needed to find her friends and that it was going too far. In fact, she also said she felt guilty about Selena. However, Bieber simply told her to β€˜relax’ and then allegedly raped her.

Danielle revealed that she only found the strength to tell her own family and friends in late 2019. Furthermore, she is currently attending therapy.

Kadi’s allegation follows

Kadi is a social media influencer. Following Danielle’s story, she posted her own. However, the details seem to be slightly inaccurate.

In 2015, Kadi too was a fan of Bieber. That year, on May 4, she hoped to get a picture with Justin Bieber and waited outside his hotel with other fans in New York. Bieber’s bodyguard, Mikey Arana, found Kadi attractive and gave his phone number to Kadi. Here, she says that he did not take Kadi’s phone number. However, she follows it up with saying that at 2:30 AM, Arana invited her to the Langham Hotel where Bieber was staying.

At the hotel, Kadi saw 5 girls, one named Arianna, and three boys, one named Kyle Massey and another named Florida. During a conversation, Bieber asked her to get closer. When she did, he kissed her and asked a rather lewd question about her body. Then, Kadi went to the restroom, where he tried to take things further. Even though Kadi asked him to stop, he forcefully pinned her down on a bed and allegedly raped her. Apparently, Kadi kicked him and left.

Kadi supposedly told her sister, who asked Kadi to stay quiet. Also, she told Kadi she may never be able to marry if she talked about it. Consequently, Kadi went to rehab.

In 2017, Kadi apparently tweeted about it as the #MeToo movement gained attention. However, Bieber’s fanbase shut her down. Later, a writer named Amanda contacted her about her story. However, as Kadi knew no other survivors, Amanda did not respond.


It is unclear how Arana contacted her for the invite as he did not have her number.

Kadi attached screenshots of messages between her and Mikey, Arianna, and Amanda. However, many suggest that at least the first screenshot of messages between her and Mikey is fake.

Response from Justin’s team

Allison Jamie Kaye, a member of Justin Bieber’s team, said that Bieber was not at Four Seasons. Apparently, he stayed at an AirBnb. The next night, he stayed at the Westin. However, a tweet suggests that Bieber was at Four Seasons at around that time.

The team is yet to respond to Kadi’s sexual assault allegations against Justin Bieber.

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