Landslide in Jammu & Kashmir leaves 4 dead

(Representational image) Landslide in Jammu and Kashmir
(Representational image)

Heavy rain in Jammu and Kashmir resulted in a landslide that killed at least four people. Three of them in fact belong to the same family. Coincidentally, all of them were apparently grazing cattle when the landslide hit them.

The three of the family are 30-year-old Khalil Ahmad, his 25-year-old wife Raksana Begum and a relative, Mohammad Aslam. At that time, the three were grazing cattle. After the rain, there was a landslide in the upper areas of Khour on August 25. Although they were taking  shelter near the entrance of a natural cave, they passed away when the landslide hit. Even some of their livestock died in the calamity. After that, the three bodies were recovered in the morning and handed over to their families.

Similarly, a 40-year-old man by the name Wali Mohammad also passed away when grazing cattle also passed away in the slide. Likewise, the livestock – five buffaloes – also died in the landslide.

Jammu-Srinagar highway blocked due to landslide again

Earlier, on August 14, a landslide in Jammu and Kashmir blocked the Jammu-Sringar highway, leaving over 200 vehicles stranded. However, quick work on it quickly got it back to working condition. Yet again, the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway faces another block due to this landslide.

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