IPS Officer Purushottam Sharma and MP CM

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Senior IPS officer beats wife, ‘justifies’ it – video goes viral, job terminated

A senior IPS officer 'justified' beating his wife by saying that she spent his money on travelling. He was dismissed from his duties. His son sent the video to the Home Minister to ask them to file a complaint.
IPS officer Purushottam Sharma
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After a video of a senior IPS officer beating his wife went viral, he tried to justify it by saying that she spent his money on travelling. Moreover, he denied it being a crime and said it was, instead, a β€˜family dispute’. In fact, his own son who sent the video of it to the state Home Minister and senior bureaucrats so they could file a complaint against the officer. Although the officer was fired, he has not been arrested. He lives in Madhya Pradesh.

The couple has apparently been married for 28 years. The man, Purushottam Sharma, is a 1986 IPS batch officer. In 2008, the officer’s wife allegedly filed a complaint against him.Β 

In the video from September 27, Sharma, beats his wife terribly. After pulling her to the ground, he refuses to let go of her arm. He then resumes hitting her, accusing her of hitting his hand with a scissor. Meanwhile, two men try to stop him after watching for a while. A dog, seeing the distress, begins barking. Finally, one of the men manages to stop Purushottam. He yells β€˜It’s my property’ towards the end of the video.

The son of the couple, Parth, is a deputy commissioner in the Income Tax department. After sending the video to state Home Minister Narottam Mishra and some senior bureaucrats, he asked them to file a complaint.

IPS officer Sharma dismisses abusing wife as ‘family dispute’

When reporters from PTI and ANI asked him about the incident, Sharma tried to justify his obvious crime.Β  He firstly tried dismissing it as a mere family dispute. Moreover, he said that his son is answerable to why his mother used Sharma’s money to travel multiple times over 12-15 years. He also accused her of stalking him and installing cameras, and questioned why she didn’t talk about this earlier.

Furthermore, he stated that it was an β€˜obligation’ to β€˜save the family’s reputation’. According to him, he is not a β€˜violent person’. He also victimised himself by calling it β€˜unfortunate’ that he is under the eye of the media.

Naturally, his claims are questionable. A prior complaint from his wife clearly means she did try speaking up earlier. More likely than not, his wife may have installed cameras to get the proof needed about his abusive behaviour.

As of now, he has been dismissed from his duties. The state of Madhya Pradesh stated that IPS officer Sharma will face action for what he did. Meanwhile, the NCW (National Commission for Women) addressed a tweet to the CM urging strict action against Sharma.

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