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Rajya Sabha passes Homeopathy Central Council Bill

Rajya Sabha passed the Homeopathy Central Council (Amendment) and the Indian Medicine Central Council (Amendment) bills on Friday, September 18.
Dr Harsh Vardhan, who said ordinance was necessary for the Homeopathy Central Council Bill
Dr Harsh Vardhan
Image source: New Indian Express

Rajya Sabha passed the Homeopathy Central Council (Amendment) Bill and the Indian Medicine Central Council (Amendment) bills on Friday, September 18. The first one is an amendment to the Homeopathy Central Council Act, 1973. It now grants the Central Council of Homeopathy to regulate homeopathy practice and education.

Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Health Minister, said that the government wants to make all types of medicine available to Indian citizens. After all, institutes for such medicine are also opening up. Moreover, he showed his disappointment in a House member using the word β€˜quackery’ in reference to the passing of the Bill.

β€˜I am pained by the use of this word,’ stated Dr Vardhan.

During the discussion, BJP MP Prasanna Acharya questioned the need for ordinance, despite supporting the bill. Dr Vardhan said that the ordinance was necessary because the Parliament was not in session.

Homeopathy bill will let poor get medicines, say members

Samajwadi Party member Ram Yadav also urged the government to pass the bill as soon as possible. He wanted this in order to enable the poor to have medicines, especially during a pandemic when COVID-19 cases kept hospitals busy. Moreover, allopathy is typically more expensive than homeopathy.

The National Medical Commission for modern medicine will start soon, but yoga and naturopathy will have a separate one.

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