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Grieving is the New Healing

Humans are considered the most intelligent beings that ever walked this planet. And all of this intelligence is because of the levels of consciousness and emotions humans can experience. Emotions play a vital role in the social construct of the world and they also make sure we can co-exist peacefully with other aspects both living and non-living. 

Recent studies by the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) have shown that humans experience 27 different types of emotions which are highly interlinked. This came as a shock to most of us as generally, we are only aware of the 6 universal emotions – Happiness, sadness, surprise, anger, fear, and disgust. The most overwhelming of all being sadness or grief.

Grief is a greater form of sadness experienced mainly because of the loss of somebody you love but I think that losing something can be equally devastating. Grief is a very long-lasting emotion, you might have observed that happiness of achievement or regarding someone is like a high that eventually wears off but grief can be experienced for the rest of our lives.

When you are grieving, the ones around you console you in the name of better things ahead all his pain or ask you to cry out everything at once. Then after some time, those same people will ask you to move on, let it be, not get stuck, or just forget about it but they will not understand that grieving is the new healing.

One thing we all fail to understand is that grief is not a bump in the road you will overcome by speeding or bulldozing. Grief is a muddy or rough patch where you need to move slowly, carefully, and with a firm grip. One day it might feel as if the pain or sadness is all left behind and you have finally moved on but the other day you will realize you are not even halfway through it.  

Grieving is not being stuck or just crying or being miserable. Grieving is about feeling it all, embracing the cruel reality, adapting to the loss, feeling that numbness, experiencing the loss, and remembering all the resolved, unresolved, said and unsaid to at least find a reason for all of this to satisfy your sanity.

The day you realize that grief is a part of you that was broken but also mended by your inner strength is the day you will finally move on. The grief that once felt inescapable will now become your confidence and power to overcome anything life throws your way.

“Although it’s difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, May looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow.”

Harivanshika Aggarwal
Harivanshika Aggarwal
Hello everyone Harivanshika is an everyday voice, trying to explain the world and its rules in her own words. Juggling work and studies, she brings you all her versions of life, science, and social issues to make you think about the smallest details of life and the world we live in.
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