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Girl buried alive in dump – remains found after one week

Authorities confirmed that they found the remains of 12-year-old Neha Vasava - a week ago, she was buried alive in a dump in Ahmedabad.
Pirana dump, where 12-year-old Neha Vasava was buried alive
Pirana dumpsite
Image source: Banega Swachh India

Authorities confirmed that they found the remains of 12-year-old Neha Vasava – a week ago, the girl was buried alive in a dump in Ahmedabad. Police registered it as an accidental death.

The girl, Neha Vasava, was 12 years old. Her father had passed away a year ago, and her mother, Ranjan, is a daily wager. Ranjan has three more children: 19-year-old Vaishali, 18-year-old Kishan, and 7-year-old Rahul.

Searching for toys in dump, get buried alive

A week ago, on September 26, Neha and Anil Marwadi, 7 years old, were searching for discarded toys in the Pirana dump. They did it often to see whether they could take anything. Unfortunately, this time, some of the trash and sludge fell on them.

Although officials found Anil alive, they could not see Neha. Earlier too, they said that the chances of finding her alive were becoming thinner by the minute. Despite having five cranes searching for the girl’s body through the dump, there was simply no sign of her body.

They finally found her today, after a week, at around 2 PM in the afternoon. Rajesh Bhatt, additional chief fire officer at the Ahmedabad Fire and Emergency Services under the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, reported that they only found partial remains. Although the mother identified the body from the remains of the dress that Neha wore on the day she got buried alive in the dump, the hospital is yet to confirm the identity medically.

The Ahmedabad Civil Hospital will perform the postmortem and hand over the body of the girl to the family soon after.

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