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Generation gap: an obstruction in communication

We often hear that “my parents or my grandparents don’t understand me”. The major issue for this lack of understanding is a generation gap. According to Google, A generation gap is a difference in attitudes between people of different generations, leading to a lack of understanding.

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The problem is on both ends. Our parents and elders don’t try to understand our point of view and opinions whereas we do the same with them. we often tend to forget that they’re more experienced in life than us.

Children believe that they are grown-ups and it is high time for them to be independent while parents are concerned about their child’s safety so they put boundaries which makes the child feel suffocated and restricted which also leads to conflict between parents and children.

Empathy is one way to bridge the gap. Both generations should be empathetic towards each other and try to understand others’ thinking patterns. In this way, the gap can be bridged a little.

Another major reason that widens the generation gap is the lack of communication between elders and youngsters. We often pre-assume that they will not get what we’re trying to say and give up on them. Hence, the gap becomes wider.

One way to solve this problem is that we should listen to them. With listening comes understanding which means that we should learn to put ourselves in their shoes and try to understand things from their perspective. This will relatively help in closing the generation gap.

Some other tips to bridge the generational gap:

1) Compromise: Instead of forcing them into your way of things, try to compromise on disagreements when possible. At times learn to put your foot down and accept their views.

2) Interact with them:  make time to communicate with them. A very useful practice of talking about each other’s day at the end of the day can help in reducing communication issues.

3) keep an open mind: one of the major conflicts between two generations is about open-mindedness. There are times when we’re told by our elders that there are things which are not acceptable by our society however, with change in time they’ve become acceptable. Instead of arguing over this we should put our point forward and make them understand how things have changed over time.

At last, remember that it is important to understand that they have their thoughts and opinions which may not be the same as ours. Being patient and caring towards them may help close the communication barrier between youngsters and previous generations.

Nousheen Saifi
Nousheen Saifi
Hi, I'm Nousheen. I'm 18 y/o and currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in biology. I'm an avid reader and my passion for reading and writing encouraged me to explore more in this area. I'm very much fascinated with beauty, lifestyle and health. I'm also a hard-core music lover and my dream is to travel around the world and explore as much as I can.
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