3 rape incidents include 2 gang-rapes in Tripura

Representational image: Two out of three cases of rape were gang-rapes in Tripura
(Representational image) Three rape cases were reported in Tripura

Three incidents of rape, including two gang-rapes, have been reported in Tripura amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite most places being in lockdown, rapes have not stopped. What is highly concerning is that in two cases, the survivors are minors.

1) The first case (gang rape)

Five men raped a 17-year-old. She lived in Mungiakami village but went to Chakmaghat to meet her boyfriend on July 21. When she was returning home, two men named Kashim Mia and Jahed Mia asked if she would like them to take her. Since she knew them already, she agreed.

Instead of taking her home, they took her to the Khasiya Mangal area. There, they raped her and then called Ahamed Ali, Gani Mia and one more person. They too took turns in raping her.

Then, they dumped her at Teliamura, in front of the branch office of UBI bank. But the girl managed to call her boyfriend. Fortunately, her boyfriend took her to the hospital. Later, they went to the Teliamura police station to file the case.

Teliamura sub-divisional police officer V Jagadishwar Reddy and officer-in-charge Swapan Debbarma immediately started investigation. They sent a team to Chakmaghat and Tuimodhu area to look for the men.

2) Second rape case

A 7-year-old girl was reportedly raped in Teliamura. The incident took place a few days ago, but the survivor filed the case on Tuesday. The whole Jarulong Bari village is having a sense of displeasure with this heinous act.

The little girl went out for nature’s call in the morning. A youth took her to a nearby jungle and raped her. Police identified him as Dhanajoy Debbarma.

When the girl came back, she informed her mother about the incident. Her mother shared this with locals but they had no solution. Later, she went to the police station and registered a case under sections 376(A) (B) of IPC and 04 of POSCO.

However, police have not caught the rapist.

3) Third rape case (gang rape)

One of the gang-rapes happened on 19th July night at Champahour in Khowai district in Tripura. The survivor is a housewife. She lodged a complaint in the Champahour Police Station on Tuesday.

Police arrested two of the rapists. They presented them in the Khowai court. The court sent them on 14-day judicial custody on Wednesday.

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