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Dilli Chalo protest: 55 y/o farmer dies, nephew blames government officials

A farmer, Gajjan Singh, passed away during the Dilli Chalo protest, after Haryana government officials using water cannons repeatedly on him.
Gajjan Singh, the farmer who died during the Dilli Chalo protest due to government officials using water cannons repeatedly
Gajjan Singh, the farmer who died during the Dilli Chalo protest due to government officials using water cannons repeatedly
Image source: The Indian Express

Gajjan Singh, a 55-year-old farmer, passed away at the Tikri morcha during the Dilli Chalo protest, and his family alleges it was due to Haryana government officials using water cannons repeatedly. Farmer leaders refused to cremate him, and demanded that cops book the officials first.

Singh belonged to the Khatra village in Ludhiana, Punjab. He had three acres of landholding in the village that he shared with his two brothers. The older one, Nirmal, passed away a few years ago after getting married. He had one son, Hardeep. Gajjan and the younger brother, Sajjan, had not married.

Government officials used water cannons many times – Gajjan Singh died of cold

According to Kaka Singh Korta, BKU state general secretary, said that Singh got drenched with water 2-3 times when they came from the Khanauri border on November 26. After that, cops also used tear gas and more water cannons along the way. Therefore, he actually got wet several times, but could not change his clothes. On November 27, they reached the Tirki border. Even the trolley with the mattresses was wet. Despite this, he resumed with langar sewa that day as well as the next day. On November 29, though, he began feeling sick. After he fell down on the way to the washroom, they took him to the hospital. The doctors declared him dead. Then, on November 30, the farmer leaders refused to cremate him until the Haryana government officials were booked. Therefore, the body is now at the Bahadurgarh Civil Hospital mortuary.

His nephew (son of brother Nirmal), Hardeep Singh, accused the Haryana and Centre government officials. He stated that the laws forced farmers to sit on dharnas for the past few months. Moreover, during such a protest, they made it impossible for his uncle to take care of himself, due to which he died. 

We don’t value human life in this country.

Hardeep Singh, nephew of Gajjan Singh

‘No compensation in money for human life’

Kotra too shared similar sentiments. He believes that money cannot compensate for a person. Hence, they sent an official letter stating that Singh’s family should get jobs instead. Moreover, they demanded that the government officials of Haryana be booked.

Meanwhile, the president of the Indian Overseas Congress (Germany), Parmod Kumar Mintu, stated that they will financially help families of farmers who get injured or pass away. Furthermore, they will provide aid for their children’s education. They have set aside Rs 1 crore for this reason. β€˜Farmers struggle has become a mass movement in the country which though started from Punjab,’ said Mintu in a press statement.

The IOC also wrote to the AICC chief Sonia Gandhi and the Punjab Chief Minister regarding this. They have urged them to provide a job to one member per family and help the farmers financially.

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