What does Durga puja mean to Bengal?

An idol of the goddess Durga during puja

Even though celebrations happen across India, Durga puja for Bengal is more than a festival – it is an emotion. The four days of celebrations include lots of food, fun, shopping, and rituals.

With the wake-up of Mahalaya, Bengal’s biggest festival starts. The climate becomes very pleasant. The sign of kaash fool is associated with nostalgia. The smell of shiuli flower floats in the air, which gives a feeling that puja is near.

Durga Puja in Bengal – a spectrum of happy emotions

Before Durga puja arrives, Bengalis get busy with shopping: they buy brand-new clothes to look special. The excitement of this puja brings a festive atmosphere as people celebrate with friends and family.

A central part of Durga puja for Bengali people is celebrating Anjali with a best friend on β€˜Ashtami’. The bhog served just after Anjali is synonymous with khichuri, beguni and lyabra and indeed, the love for the bhog never fades.

During Durga puja, Bengalis eat to their heart’s content. Be it fish fry, puchkas, biriyani, or rosogulla, counting calories goes out the window.

As soon as the puja commences, people in Bengal do lot of pandal hopping. Even if pandals are overcrowded, they enjoy to the fullest. Group selfies is essential with friends and families. Even participating in Dhunochi dance gives immense joy to the Bengal people. They groove with every bit which is a pleasure to watch.

Durga puja also means β€œlove at first sight” for Bengal. It’s the best time to propose and to find a soul mate. The last day of Durga puja, the β€œshindoor khela”, is one of the most beautiful traditions of Bengal. The ritual is quite vibrant, colorful and it holds a very fascinating sight.

Overall, it’s a package of happiness.

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