Dowry: A Silent Killer

An overview of the wrath of dowry system in India.
Representative image: Woman in one pan, cars and money in another, of a weighing balance to show women should matter more than dowry which causes their death each day
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When was the last time that you heard about dowry death? Perhaps, a few hours ago. When was the first time that you heard about dowry death? Perhaps, when you were in school. Isn’t it strange that dowry deaths have prevailed since all these years? Here is a bird’s view on dowry system and the wrath it creates.

What is the dowry system?

It is the shifting of money from the parents in the form of money or gifts to the daughter at the time of marriage. The entire purpose of dowry rests on the concept of protection of the wife against any possibility ofΒ  bad behaviour by her husband or her in-laws. But is it true when it comes to the practical sphere?

The ground reality – dowry is the death of many

Each day, 20 women succumb to death after harassment over dowry in India. This presents a practical view of the prevailing situation. It is a bare truth that married women are murdered or driven to suicide through incessant harassment and torture by their in laws and husbands due to disputes over dowry. It’s high time that action must be taken or else a woman’s house will become the most dangerous place for her.

The solution

The path to change begins with finding solutions. One of the path is Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 which aims at preventing crimes related to dowry. Further, in order to prohibit dowry related heinous crimes, awareness needs to be created. Awareness can also be created by running special programs related to women at all the stages. Last but not the least, a transformation of mindset is necessary to eliminate the wrath of dowry.

Let us celebrate a woman and honor her for who she is and let us value her for who she is.

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