20-cm knife removed from man’s liver by AIIMS doctors

20-cm knife found inside the liver of man
(20-cm knife) Man swallowed a knife, reached his liver

A team of doctors at AIIMS-New Delhi removed a 20-cm-long kitchen knife from a man’s liver. According to the doctors, the patient’s condition is now stable. It was a really challenging task for the doctors.

The patient was 28 years old and from Haryana. Around two months ago, he swallowed a knife. Apparently, it was because he could not get marijuana. He was living a normal life until he started to feel loss of appetite and pain in the abdomen. His family members were unaware of this until the doctor performed an X-ray.


The doctors said that this was the first such case for them. Until now, they never saw somebody swallowing a knife and surviving. So far, there were only cases of people swallowing small pointed objects like a needle or a hooks.

The life-saving surgery lasted three hours. The doctors stated that the knife was fully buried in the liver. Dr.NR Das from the Department of Gastroenterology supervised the operation.

Doctors operate on liver to remove knife

Dr.Das explained that the knife’s position was very dangerous. It was extremely close to the bile duct and main blood-circulating artery and vein. Hence, a small mistake by doctors could cost the patient’s life.

Firstly, a radiologist removed pus from the patient’s lungs and liver to stop infection from spreading further. Then, a psychiatrist started medicating and counselling the patient to give him courage and help him believe that his condition is not beyond repair.

He was given supplements to provide strength to his body. :The operation happened on July 19. For now, his condition is stable.

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