Cyber-bullying, a reason behind many catastrophe

(Representational image) Cyber-bullying is affecting the life of people
(Representational image) Cyber-bullying has become extremely common

Cyber-bullying, or online bullying, a form of harassment using electronic means is common these days. As the digital sphere has expanded, the platform for cyber crime has increased.

As the access to internet has become more easy, criticizing has become more easy. The people out there just pick up their phone and type anything they wish to.

Broadband Search: Cyber bullying is a Crime and major problem of society

Problems faced due to cyber-crime

Cyber-bullying is mostly common in youth. Youths are the victims, as well as the culprits in most cases. The youths have juvenile minds and they find it easy to troll someone. Bullying someone has become very easy for them, since it’s really just like texting.

But bullying someone can affect a person mentally. It hampers their growth and they start to doubt themselves. They start to feel insecure about their body, their appearance and even their presence.

Charts showing Cyber bullying in social media according to firstsiteguide

When trolling is done on social media, it is visible to all. That adds up to more trauma than personal texts do. A personal text from an anonymous person to bully you is also cyber crime. But bullying that person in front of the whole world is quite painful.

Mental health and illness due to cyber crime

Listening to bullies who constantly criticism, abuse and troll makes life tough. Some people are strong enough to face them and reply to them. But the ones who are sensitive cannot bear this and often go through some amount of trauma.

Cyber bullying affects the mindset of the people. Victims start to feel depressed and traumatized. They suffer through intense sadness and tend to isolate themselves. They started to dislike socializing and then end up staying alone often.

The last time I was trolled for a picture on my Instagram, I felt so bad and depressed, I ended up deleting that photo. Then, I decided to socialize lesser and didn’t post pictures for a very long time. But after so many months, I finally got over it. It was not easy, but I tried my best.This is actually like a very deep cut which can last very long. An excess of this can lead people to take some devastating steps like suicide too.

Let’s take a stand for ourselves!

Although there are laws against cyber crime, it still persists in our society. The best and simplest way to reduce this is to educate the youths and the adults to stop bullying.

But if it too much then we should not let this happen anymore and should take necessary steps against this. We need to reach out to the law and should not worry about us being a victim. Get a complain registered under sections given below

Sec.66A – Sending offensive messages through communication service, etc.
Sec.66C – Identity Theft
Sec.66D – Cheating by personation by using the computer resource
Sec.66E – Violation of privacy
Sec.67B – Punishment for publishing or transmitting of material depicting children in any sexually explicit act, etc. in electronic form
Sec.72 – Breach of confidentiality and privacy
Sec.503 Indian Penal Code (IPC) – Sending threatening messages through email
Sec.509 IPC – Word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman
Sec.499 IPC – Sending defamatory messages through email
Sec .500 IPC – Email Abuse

Cyberbullying is a growing concern but by taking the right steps and staying aware, enjoying the experiences will be more common.

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