179 professional colleges shut down before academic year 2020-21

Professional colleges to shut down in 2020-21
Professional colleges shut down in 2020-21

A total of 179 professional colleges shut down during the academic year 2020-21. This number includes engineering institutes and business colleges too. According to the All India Council of Technical Eduction (AICTE) data, this is the highest number of institutes that closed in nine years. Last academic year, 2019-20, 92 colleges shut down.

Colleges shut down – 135 do not seek approval at all

For the past 5 years, many seats were vacant, leading to 135 institutions not bothering to seek approval. Moreover, it became difficult to run the institutes.

Furthermore, nearly 44 institutions did not get approval at all due to the disciplinary action taken against them by the technical education regulator.

A total of 1.09 lakh AICTE-approved seats reduced in architecture and pharmacy in the session 2020-21. Also, official statistics show that lower intake or shutting down of courses caused reduction of over 69,000 seats.

Recently, the Supreme Court declared that only Council of Architecture and Pharmacy Council of India will be mandatory from academic year 2020-2021 for architecture and pharmacy colleges respectively.

In fact, the approval process for this academic year started very early. But the sudden lockdown and its extension delayed the approval. Finally, it started in May and ended by June.

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