No point in federalism, says CM Banerjee to BJP, create one nation-one party system

No point in federalism, says CM Banerjee to BJP, create one nation-one party system
CM Banerjee told BJP that they should just replace federalism with a one nation-one party system

Bengal CM Banerjee attacked BJP, taunting them to replace federalism with a one nation-one party system. Moreover, she accused the central government BJP of conspiring against Bengal and interfering with opposition-led states. Also, she went on to say that the centre government of β€˜maligning’ and β€˜insulting’ West Bengal.

Recently, Rajasthan CM Gehlot also accused BJP for buying the state MLAs into their party. Then, he stated that (now ex-) deputy CM Pilot was trying to join BJP. Ultimately, he too believed their aim was to destabilise the government. Earlier, he mentioned the example of Madhya Pradesh where Jyotiraditya Scindia joined BJP with 22 MLAs. He believes that Pilot will pull a similar move.

CM cites MP, UP as proof; calls federalism unneeded

Likewise, the Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee thinks that BJP is trying to destabilise governments led by other parties. Quite similarly, she too cited Madhya Pradesh as an example, aside from Uttar Pradesh. In fact, she called the BJP the β€˜jungle raj’ in UP. She believes that Gujarat really rules all states and BJP was interfering amidst the pandemic.

What’s the need for a federal structure? Create a β€˜one nation-one party’ system then.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee

However, she stated that she will not tolerate PM Modi and Amit Shah taking over. Also, she blames the central government of depleting Bengal’s resources.

Furthermore, she firmly said that only people of Bengal will rule the state. Calling BJP and people from Gujarat β€˜outsiders’, the CM said that that security deposits of BJP candidates must be given up.

Finally, she spoke of people being too afraid to file complaints with cops. Moreover, many cops are dying now – the most recent example of Vikas Dubey. ‘The main culprit was killed in a so-called encounter to hide the truth,’ she said.

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