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White security guards at Carrefour beat black man to death – Brazil protests erupt

In Brazil, two white Carrefour security guards killed a Black man, one of them slapping him and later kneeling on his back. BLM protests erupted soon after.
People protesting outside Carrefour after white guards killed a Black man
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In Brazil, two white Carrefour security guards killed a Black man, one of them slapping him and later kneeling on his back. Following a video clip of the incident going viral, people protested across Brazil to demand justice.

The murder happened in a Carrefour store in Porto Alegre, Brazil on Thursday, November 19. A store employee recorded a short clip of one white guard restraining JoΓ£o Alberto Silveira Freitas. Another guart was hitting his face, and, a while later, knelt on his back. This video went viral, with many drawing a comparison between Freitas’s death and George Floyd’s in America. Following that, Carrefour Brasil terminated their contract with the security firm under whom the guards worked.

Police already detained both men and launched an investigation. One of them was an off-duty military policeman.

The Black Lives Matter protests happened outside Carrefour stores themselves too. Many people pointed out that the incident happened just a day before Black Consciousness Day, when people appreciate and recognise Black culture. Even Eduardo Leite, governor of the state, showed his anger towards the incident through Twitter.

President, VP deny racism after Carrefour guards murder Black man

Despite Brazil having very high percentages of police brutalities, especially against Black people, both the President and Vice President deny the existence of racism itself. In fact, VP Mourao stated, β€˜Racism doesn’t exist in Brazil. That is something they want to import here.’

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