Female school student in Bihar severely injured while resisting eve teasing

School student resists eve-teasing, boys brutally beat her

On 5th September in Muffassil's Chauhan Tola, three boys brutally beat a girl from eighth grade when she resisted their eve-teasing. They even broke her bones by driving their bike over her.
School student in Bihar injured heavily - victim of eve teasing

On 5th September in Muffassil’s Chauhan Tola, three boys brutally beat a girl from eighth grade when she resisted their eve-teasing. Two of them drove their bike over her, breaking her bones.

Two of the accused – cousins of the girl

The victim while talking to Zee news said that out of the 3 accused, two were her cousins: Durga Chauhan and Bhola Paswan. All three of them are on the run now.

She said that the two often tried to do such thing whenever they could. On Teacher’s Day, when she was returning from the market, her cousins at first drove their bike over her body. They also tried to molest her as she struggled against them.

Ever since the latest incident, her health has not been in good condition. Moreover, her jaw and bones are broken and there is a steel rod in her leg.

After the gruesome incident, villagers carried her to a hospital for immediate treatment. From there, she was taken to a medical college in Sirsa.  

The girl was in a private hospital in Patna. In fact, her terrible state of health resulted in her staying in the ICU for 10 days. Patna Police recorded her statement about the incident which she faced.

Worried father loses faith in law

The victim’s father said that he had to spend over 8 lakh rupees for her treatment. He added that the Patna police, despite taking his daughter’s statement, were taking no action. The police said that they were transferring the case to the Katihar PS within 72 hours.

In response, Katihar DSP Amar Kant Jha said the victim’s family delayed in lodging the complaint and went for her treatment. He added that the investigation of the case is ongoing. One of the 3 accused – Bhola – holds a criminal record. In fact, he was apparently earlier arrested in a robbery case.

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