After banning 59 apps in June, Modi government bans 47 more Chinese apps

PUBG will likely be on the list of the 47 Chinese apps banned now
PUBG will likely be on the list of the 47 Chinese apps banned now

The Union Government has put a ban on 47 Chinese apps. Earlier, in June, the Central government already banned 59 Chinese apps. The other 47 apps are banned now because they were working as the clones of other 59 banned apps. But these apps are mostly lite versions like Tiktok Lite, ShareIt Lite, Helo Lite etc.

Keeping in mind the privacy and security concerns, the government released the order for the ban last week. However, the confirmation of the names of all the apps can’t take place immediately.

Currently, the government made up a list of a total of 275 apps. Right now, these apps are under supervision.

Earlier ban on Chinese apps

The earlier ban in June was for popular apps, including Tiktok, ShareIt, UC Browser, Helo, and WeChat among others. The government had ordered the telecommunication companies to stop access to all those apps as well as their related websites shortly. They did so after announcing the decision publicly through a press release.

It also directed Apple and Google to remove the banned apps from their separate app stores in the country. Reportedly, some gaming apps like PUBG Mobile will be a part of the ban list.

Government is yet to release the list of the banned apps and details regarding the decision.

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