Assam preparing to reopen schools and colleges, guidelines framed

Assam Government looking forward to reopen schools and colleges by September 1
Assam Government looking forward to reopen schools and colleges by September 1

The Assam government is going to reopen schools and colleges from September 1. The Education Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma, said that they are still planning it out, but the final decisions depends on the Union Government. Educational institutions were closed since March 30.

There are certain guidelines to be followed during the reopening course. Although these rules are currently being made keeping in mind government schools and colleges, private schools will also need to follow these.

Guidelines to follow for reopening of schools and colleges in Assam

The reopening phase will be done in sets. There will be no reopening of schools for students till class IV. The classes for class V to VIII will be conducted in open field or village area. A maximum of 15 students will be allowed to be present in a class. The Minister said that it will be like Gurukuls of ancient times. He also said that educated youth will assist the teachers and will receive certificate for that.

Then, classes for grades IX to XII will be conducted in the school campus. The classes of class IX and XI will be conducted twice a week while classes for grades X and XII will be conducted four days a week. The staff must undergo Covid-19 tests before August 30.

The classes will be conducted in two shifts for three hours each in such manner that students of both the shifts will not meet each other.

Guidelines for colleges

The classes of only final semester students will be conducted in the premises. The students who live far away can take classes in nearby colleges. But the decisions for the Universities will be majorly taken by the Vice Chancellors.

Masks will be compulsory for all and proper social distancing will be maintained. Also there will be testing of body temperature at the entry gates only.

Although this is a voluntary act of the state government but official notice will be given by the Union Government. Parents are also being asked in this matter.

Assam recorded 40,269 Covid-19 cases and 98 deaths so far. Currently, the active number of cases is 9811, which is slowly declining.

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