Assam oil well fire leaves 2 firefighters dead, 4 injured

Two firefighters died in the fire from Assam's oil well blast
Two firefighters died in the fire from Assam’s oil well blast

Only one day after the gas well fire started, authorities found the bodies of two firefighters in a pond. The oil well is located in Tinsukia, Assam.

The well had a blowout on May 27. Following that, it started harming the nearby plants and animals. Villagers too began evacuating the area. On the 14th day, a fire started, forcing a nearby village to evacuate completely. Firefighters began extinguishing and controlling the fire.

Tinsukia SP Shiladitya Chetia said that officials suspect the firefighters entered the water to save themselves. However, they died and an NDRF unit found their bodies. Chetia also revealed their identities: Tekeshwar Gohain, and Durlov Gogoi.

Tridiv Hazarika, OIL spokesperson, said that Gogori was just 35 years old. In fact, he was the former goalkeeper of OIL Football club, a popular team in Assam. He was from Namrup.

Gohain was 55 years old, and from a place called Chabua. 

Both firefighters were married.

Also, PM Modi offered support to the Assam government in order to help them out. He also stated that situation is apparently under close supervision.

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