Truepost India is a youth-run independent news, blogs, and opinion website launched in April 2020 with the intent of protecting the walls of democracy by free journalism. We are reimagining an Indian Media Ecosystem where news telling is unbiased, unafraid, and free.

Truepost India is independent of traditional models of family-owned, corporate-funded, advertising, or political party driven news-producing house. We publish unfiltered news coverage and unprecedented opinion curated through verified sources from across the globe. We are trying to tell a story in an era where fake news is cheap and the truth is expensive.

​​How are we funded?

We at Truepost India believe that for Truth to reach the readers unadulterated, journalism has to be editorially and financially independent. Therefore we primarily depend on the contribution of individual readers like you who appreciate independent journalism without the shadow of biased ideologies.